Friday, June 8, 2012

You May be Offended...

Dear Diary...many readers of my blog have complained that I removed some posts that they really liked...while also...many readers complained on on posting them...they said the posts were offensive and demeaning (I don't know to whom?) and may not reflect well with me profession life (me being a scientist and all)...since I first received significant requests to remove the posts than commending me for posting them...then the logical way was to keep the audience happy and save me public I removed them.

But after I did that..I received numerous emails and messages asking me why on earth did I pull them off. I tried to explain but everyone, not a surprise at all, thought I am a moron. Everybody said that I should do what I see fit and I have a niche in public blogs for what am writing. I should keep being myself and that way I will be more happy with my accomplishments....I agree with them....I have reposted the posts!

Since I have had such a huge writers-block since I stopped writing in such a style...I think that is my own way of writing and I should keep on doing it. With all due respect (no insult is following...), whoever thinks that my posts are offensive and should not be on my blog he/she should find some other blog more suitable for his/her tastes. I will continue posting similar stuff and if you are offended then God help me - I did not force you to visit my blog. We just have to agree to disagree!

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